Thursday, September 30, 2010

What I Do at Work

I work in a photo lab at a department store, and it's never very busy so I usually end up with a lot of free time. When I'm not staring off into space or pretending to be doing something productive, I usually try to make shit with whatever I can find. Recently I've been been making a lot of things out of people's pictures.

I don't steal pictures and cut them up or anything like that. We have a "prints-in-seconds" kiosk at my store, which prints outs the pictures right at the machine so people don't have to wait. The paper that the pictures are printed on comes in big rolls, so after the image is transferred to the paper the machine cuts it into a 4x6. When the a picture gets cut from the roll, it cuts a strip off that falls down into a bin inside the kiosk. Each strip is composed of the top of one picture, the bottom of the next picture and a white space in between, and these are what I've been using.

I Turn These:
Also lots of tape

Into These:

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Drawings from an acid trip summer 2010

These are some drawings I made during an acid trip this summer. I think they were all done with sharpies and highlighters, let me know what you think.

Some kind of semitransparent rainbow road I drew coming from me and going up a mountain. The writing is just a mix of thoughts, lyrics from songs that were playing at the time and gibberish. 
 I did this one with my friend. I started at the top and he started at the bottom and we met in the middle. Everything seemed to be connected to everything else in one way or another and that kind of emerged as the theme.

Wasn't really going for anything specific on this one. I was just having fun drawing different shapes and squiggles and putting colors on the page.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Flux Pavillion - Excuse Me

Dubstep is the shit, Flux is the shit, and this song is fresh. Check it out.

First Post

Well, the blog has been made. Now let's get us some fucking followers, this shits going global.